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What is Exscudo?

If you need a platform that unites the cryptocurrency market and the traditional finance worlds, you can choose Exscudo as the best choice. Visit now or keep reading this article and I assure you will! Exscudo is the gateway between the traditional economy and the cryptocurrency market. Specially designed to make everyone can access the cryptocurrency market easily, fast and also legally to the credit card and also internet. You can have peace of mind by choosing them as your platform because the international team will work best for your satisfaction and fulfilling all your needs.

Do you ever wonder when cryptomarkets will really go crazy? I’ll tell you when. When the avarage Joe becomes aware of this hidden gem. Exscudo is right here to exactly do this. Exscudo aims to connect the cryptocurrency market – which in no doubt has higher learning skills for entry – and the avarage Joe who wants to invest some of his sallary for his or her children’s collage fund.

With Exscudo, regular investors and tradional finance markets will easily be able to invest in cryptocurrencies. While being most secure, they will also be able to invest on the most popular coins. Needless to say, Exscudo team is made up of some of the best professionals of both worlds. They are as follows. I would reccomend googleing them, I’m sure it will get you excited!

Platform with Great Team
The great team of Exscudo consists of many people with great enthusiasm. Those people are including the board members, advisors, developers, as well as the people who work well in the marketing, branding and also promotion. The team members always have great passion to work and making many innovations. To make the platform runs perfectly, the main work team also consists of professionals in financial, technical scientists with great experiences, and also entrepreneurs.

Andrew Zimine, CEO, founder
Alex Sitnikov, CTO, founder
Julian Kossinov, Legal and Financial Advisor, European & North, American Markets Advisor
Alex Rebyakov, Lead Core Developer
Eugen Tchudinovskih, Lead Developer of trading terminals
Christian Kossinov, Financial Strategy Advisor, European and Asian Markets, Advisor
Oleg Bondar, Head of Front-End and App Development
Konstantin Afanasiev, Head of UX/UI
Aliaksandr Zahatski, Head of Web Development
Anton Baukin, Lead Java Developer
More information on:

You can also join the slack to communicate directly with them, they are very friendly and answering almost every question.

So what will Exscudo have?

1. An exchange platform where anyone can access with any device hence the whole purpose of the project. It will also be simple, smooth and elegant.

2. Most detailed charts. As you might already know, with a lot of money flowing into cryptocurrencies every month, almost every top coins act like regular stocks in terms of technical analysis. This will ensure investors having the most advanced indicators to take their positions.

3. Messaging system where users will be able to send money to each other while they talk and chat. The best part is that this system will be completely decentralized.

4. Safe transaction with credits cards, debit carsd and Exscudo special debit cards.

To join this awesome project as an early investor visit!

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