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Last Chance to Invest in an Awesome Project: Exscudo

Aren’t you tried of same old exchanges? Aren’t you tired of getting margin called when an exchange supposedly gets DDOSed? Well, I am. Needless to say, everyone that is familiar with cryptocurrency markets know very well that we need a fresh breath of air in terms of cryptocurrency exchanges. The old ones already failed their reliability, plus they don’t really offer professional futures. For example, there should be a lot more margin options and currencies avaible. A new solution emerges to all these problems. It’s called Exscudo and you still have a week to be an early investor. Visit or keep reading what Exscudo has to offer.

Exscudo platform will have many futures that traditional finance exchanges have but cryptocurrency exchanges lack. This will attract more investors from finance world to cryptocurrencies, which basically what this market needs at the moment. As long as the interest keeps growing, almost every good project will find it’s true value. The one thing that scares off people from investing in cryptocurrencies is safety. People that are not very familiar with blockchain technology, tend to scare off even with minor news. Exscudo, with its perfectly safe and legal system, will first of all offer a solution in this matter.

Exscudo will make avarage Joe feel safe investing his hard earned money in cryptocurrencies which will eventually lead to many more marketcap. Right now, this is what the cryptocurrency markets need to go another step further. With Exscudo, everyone will be able to invest in cryptocurrencies they see future in, with little to no hastle.

By being an early investor of Exscudo, you will have the privilage of being a shareholder of what I think will be a sensation in crypto exchanges league. Even if it becomes in the top 3 as the beginning, you will have your money back in no time and start earning good shares. Not just that, but I’m pretty sure Exscudo’s price will be much more higher when the ICO finishes and when it hits a market.

Exscudo team must be ackownladged. Despite almost every project is composed of regular people, Exscudo team is made up of the best people in their categories. Here is the team:

Andrew Zimine, CEO, founder
Alex Sitnikov, CTO, founder
Julian Kossinov, Legal and Financial Advisor, European & North, American Markets Advisor
Alex Rebyakov, Lead Core Developer
Eugen Tchudinovskih, Lead Developer of trading terminals
Christian Kossinov, Financial Strategy Advisor, European and Asian Markets, Advisor
Oleg Bondar, Head of Front-End and App Development
Konstantin Afanasiev, Head of UX/UI
Aliaksandr Zahatski, Head of Web Development
Anton Baukin, Lead Java Developer
More information on:

Exscudo will have:

  • a global exchange that will be accessible by everyone with any device.
  • professional stock charts and graphics.
  • internal message system, with abilities like money transfer. – Last 1 week to be a part of this awesome project.

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