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Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining is About to Rock Your World!

Do you think that you can only use the web hosting service when you are actually using it? We are internet users, we often need space and servers on the internet. So what if I tell you all of your hosting/server related troubles are about to end with a decentralized project working on Ethereum platform? The secret is Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining in other words SONM! Visit now:
As both internet gurus and blockchain followers, one of the most important aspect we look for when we receive a service is the identity of the service provider. In these days when Internet frauds are increasing rapidly, service providers become more centralized. Because each service a centralized authority provides is bound the that exact authorities decisions. In this case, the web sites, servers and hosting that we are working on are in danger of being lost over the failure or bankruptcy of the central company. SONM, wants to ignore this layer of trust by creating a completely decentralized server and hosting services.
SONM will be a decentralized application. Through this application, users will lease their own computers, in other words, the processor power to the system. On the other hand, SONM applications can still buy domain, server and processor on the internet using SONM tokens. In this decentralized system, the most basic nature of the blockchain, by being peer to peer, users will be able to communicate with each other.
As you know, this is not the first time we’ve heard such an idea. I know some projects in the last couple of months. I think everyone who follows the crypto money world does. What’s different about the SONM supercomputer from other projects?

  • The only target for cloud service providers such as Amazon and Microsoft is to rent space to its users. SONM will allow buyers to use the rented CPU power in calculations, so they will basically will be able to direct the processing power anywhere they want.
  • Those who buy through SONM will only pay the amount for the time they have used the service. There will be no pre-existing periodic contracts a buyer would have to fill. Therefore, we can say that credit cards will likely to have less surprises.
  • SONM is the top layer of many progenies lying underneath. BitTorrent for data transfer, Cocaine PaaS technology for centerless computing platform, Ethereum Smart Contract system for payments, and BitMessage for users’ communication are some of these projects.

Download the SONM whitepaper:

The semantics of the SONM network will be clear:

SONM, will create new oppurtunities to sellers as it does to buyers. As you know, it’s almost impossible for us to do mining alone. It is impossible to make a profit without entering the pools. Even a person who has a mining card can earn money by renting the system’s operating power to the SONM system. With SONM, you will even be able to rent your phone’s processor power. Every miner will be able to see which hardware is best at that exact moment for mining, depending of the request pool on the network. The only thing to do is to install SONM mining software on the system.
The supercomputer power provided by SONM, who needs it?
It’s not just about hosting and leasing a server, it’s already in need of almost every service offered by SONM network. Sociological statistics, weather forecasts, biology research, medicine industry, modeling are just a few of them.

In this sphere you can see an example of a contract between buyer and seller.

SONM – ICO details
SONM tokens will be a common medium in the purchase and sale of SONM network and software services. These tokens will be laid down in the public offering process and will be limited numbers.SONM, will be working on Ethereum’s infamous smart contract infrastructure. SONM will accept Ethereum once the crowdsale contract goes active.

The public offering will be two stages:
Presale (over 24 hours)
Main public offering (starting on May 25)

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