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OnPlace ICO Have Just Started / Details

OnPlace Investments is a new investment platform on blockchain. It gives regular investors to become a part of the OnPlace Inc. that would be investing in new private startups, possibly having high returns. I’ve talked about how OnPlace works and how will the fund be allocated here if you want to have a look before investing.

OPL is working as a smart contract on Ethereum. Every Ethereum you invest will be directly issued to your Ethereum account and it will be tradable once the crowdfunding is done. The best part of OPL tokens -and you might not have seen this before- that it doesn’t have decimals. So you can’t divide a OPL token, the minimum amount of OPL would always be 1 whereas minimum amount of Bitcoin is 0.00000001 BTC ie. 1 satoshi. This reflects the idea of having OPL tokens as shares of OnPlace fund perfectly. For more info about OPL’s function visit the official website now: http://investments.onplace.io

Here are some things OPL holders are able to do:

  • OPL holders will basically be part of the private company investments OnPlace Inc. performs. You will have a chance to be a part of the best startups in the industry.
  • You won’t face any extra commissions as OPL holders.
  • You will be able to get profits holding OPL tokens.

Since OPL is a ECR20 token on Ethereum, you will always have the full control on your tokens.

Now, OnPlace crowdsale have begun on 6th of June, this is how you can contribute according to OnPlace team:

The first thing you need to do is to create an Ethereum address to store your OPL tokens. Make sure your private key is properly stored. This is very important. If you lose private key, you will also lose your OPL tokens and there is no existing way to recover it.

You can use: Mist, MyEtherWallet.

The crowdsale contract address: 0xA1877c74562821fF59Ffc0BC999E6a2e164F4D87

The minimum contribution amount is set to: 0.0015 ETH

How to create a secured Ethereum address on MyEtherWallet

Step 1

Go to https://www.myetherwallet.com, choose a strong password and click on the “Generate Wallet” button.

Step 2

Click on the “Download” button. You just have downloaded a copy of your wallet on your computer. Now store this file securely. Read the important message carefully, then click on the “I understand. Continue” button.

Step 3

We strongly recommend you to print a paper wallet. For this, click the “Print” button.

Copy the “Private Key (unencrypted)” in your clipboard (⌘-C, CTRL-C).

Step 4

Now click on “Save your address” button in order to unlock your wallet. Select the second option from the list “Private Key”.

Paste your “Private Key” that was selected before. You can see now the wallet and your public Ethereum address (that will receive the OPL tokens).

Now you have a secured Ethereum address! Remember this address, you will use it to participate on the crowdsale web site.

Step 5

Add OPL token to your MyEtherWallet

Click on the “Add Custom Token” button. Next, fill in the form according to the data:

  • Address: 0x2Fd8019ce2AAc3bf9DB18D851A57EFe1a6151BBF
  • Token Symbol: OPL
  • Decimals: 0

Click the “Save” button.

Step 6

Pay with ETH

The address of the smart contract will be disclosed before the crowdsale starts

1. Go to http://investments.onplace.io/ico#rec16904516
2. Accept terms and conditions by clicking on “I have read and agree”
3. Copy the crowdsale contract address: 0xA1877c74562821fF59Ffc0BC999E6a2e164F4D87
4. Using your wallet of convenience, send to this address the amount of Ethers you want send. Amount of Ethers must be a multiple to the price: 0.0015 ETH.
OPL Token cannot be split!

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