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Last Chance to Invest in EncryptoTel


Are you bored of ICOs everywhere, with almost nothing to give? Hell yeah, I am. Are you bored of Ethereum only ICOs? I am, definetly. Are you bored of investing in a project and getting nothing special in return? I am. Before reading whats EncryptoTel has to offer, you can visit to see if you can still invest.

Well, if you haven’t heard of EncryptoTel, this might be the last call for you to invest as they will stop accepting money once their target of 3 million dollars reached. Once the target is reached, I am pretty sure you would only be left to buy EncryptoTel from an exchange and the price would be way higher.

EncryptoTel is basically a secure VoIP and B2B blockchain project. Now I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a lot of interesting ideas recently. This one, however, already has a working product that is in beta and simply offers where no one in the entire cryptoworld had offered before: merging the blockchain technology with the telecommunications technology. In other words, EncryptoTel, for the first time in the world, aims to use the blockchain technology for communication purposes.

Hurry up and head to and buy the last EncryptoTels before its too late. This one will be a special long term investment indeed.

For more information, visit bitcointalk thread:

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