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Published on May 26th, 2017 | by olcaytu2005

Join the Health Revolution on Blockchain: Patientory

Since the emerge of blockchain technology, we have seen many attempted projects to use it as a record keeping platform. Needless to say, blockchain can provide a massive database. It’s also pretty much easier to store and locate the data that is being kept. Patientory is here the connect the database aspect of blockchain technology with health industry. Patientory aims ti create a platform where information of patients are securely transfered between providers. Patientory will work as a smart contract.

Through the Patientory mobile application, everyone will be able to create their personal profile loaded with their health conditions. These information will be secure and won’t go public if that’s not the user’s own choice. The medical information will be compitable with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of the United States. Through the help of the database, people with same or similar medical conditions will be able to communicate with each other. They will also be able to connect with health instutions to get more information about their condition. This would increase the chance of everyone having a lot more awareness of the medical conditions they have trouble with. Patientory will be decentralized and secure health database.

The diagram of how will the Patientory system works is as follows:

To be compitable with HIPPI rules, the blockchain should be suitable for private information. With Ethereum’s blockchain publicly avaliable, patient’s information wouldn’t be secure. As Ethereum’s blockchain could be observed through even simplest block explorers. To solve this problem and to guarantee that the submitted medical information is secure, Patientory will use a private implementation of an Ethereum based blockchain.

With help of their app, blockchain and smart contracts, Patientory aims to automate or simplify claims processing. Cost information will be hosted by the system, which allows for automated payments and billing between institutions and individuals in form of token-based debt. Users are able to pre-auhorize their data that it can be accessed in case of emergency. In the case of emergency and the person is unresponsive, an institution can use a secondary signature and the person’s phone to access medical data.

Patientory users will be able to allow their information being accessible in th event of an emergency. That way, in an event where the user’s health is in great danger, care takers will immidietly be able to find his or her medical information. If they didn’t pre-authorize their data, certain health instutitons will be able to access the medical information it the user is unresponsive ie. if he or she is in coma. This will be done through institutions using a secondary signature provided by the Patientory team. I’ll have an detailed explanation of the technical aspect of the project on my second article. For now, to have more information you can visit their website or read the whitepaper.


The Patientory team is also impressive:

Chrissa McFarlane as the CEO

Jesse Brown as the CTO

Jesse Brown – founder of a fintech / blockchain startup Nodory

Richard Scott

Garnie Morgan

Shawn Wilkinson, CEO of Storj (blockchain-based cloud storage) is also an advisor to the project.


The crowdsale is already started. It’s on Ethereum smart contract.

The maximal total supply of PTOY will be 100.000.000, with 70% being distributed to crowdsale participants. The minmal amount of tokens sold would be 2.295.000 PTOY. Unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO. The founding team will receive a share of 10% , which will be vested for 12 months. 20% of the tokens will be allocated to the Patientory Foundation fund to be used for research and development regarding blockchain technology for healthcare use cases.

The Patientory ICO already raised more than 25 000 Ethereum. 57385482.22816458 PTOY have been issued with 1052 participants. Do not miss the last chance to invest in this awesome project. Go to now.

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