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Rebuilding Invoice Finance On Blockhain: Populous

Almost every day, another project is emerging in the world of cryptographic currencies. However, most of them are reproductions of previous projects without anything new to offer. A brilliant idea has emerged recently from a team incorporated in England. They are basically aiming to dominate the invoice and trading finance. Needless to say, as cryptocurrencies evolve and become a part of our lives, the need to adapt the finance world in a more usable way for avarage Joe increases. The main problem with avarage Joe putting his money into cryptocurrencies is the usability and trust issue.

Populous Platform will be using XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) which also boosts the credibility of the project by a long margin. Unlike other similar projects, it gives confidence to investors to use such a popular and proven language. With Populous Platform, even average investors will be able to buy and sell invoices. They will be a part of the financial system without the need of trusting third parties.
Populous ( briefly aims to transform the billing world into blockchain-based technology. Now, the blockchain technology is able to take advantage of many things, especially with data logging. Thus, the billing system can be easily integrated into what this treacherous technology offers. Thanks to Populous platform, users can simply sell or buy invoices.

Many successful projects have recently been built on Populous Smart Contracts. In other words, Populous will work on Ethereum blockchain. It’s a great idea to use the Ethereum blockchain because Ethereum is the rising star of the cryptocurrency world and because it gives confidence to the investor because it has a reputable background. The local currency of the Populous platform will be Pokens.


The main thing that separates Populous from other emerging projects is that it already has a working product in beta. Populous team consisting of Stephen Williams as CEO, Zvezdomir Zlatinov as CTO and Jason Tuang as CFO. It is a good idea to have the team working on the project for a while and to decide to launch the best land invoices with at least one work product. The team has a good background in the industry.

Crowdfunding (ICO) will start on July 16th. The total mobile numbers initiated by the smart contract will be 53 252 246. Those who are willing to join the crowded house will be able to buy 36 000 000 coins. The team will reserve 12 million coins and distribute the remainder through award campaigns, marketing and research projects.

In the next article, we will elaborate on how the Populous Platform will work with a technical point of view. For now, if you have any further questions, please visit

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