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Published on June 1st, 2017 | by olcaytu2005

Invest in Private Companies with OnPlace

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency markets are getting bigger every single day. Average Joe started to invest his children’s collage savings. Regular and minor investors are always looking up for oppurtunities like cryptocurrencies. Private startups are probably the most profitable investments. Those average inevstors who are interested in cryptocurrencies lately, have no chance to invest in these private startups. The most common example is Uber these days. Simply, Uber’s shares were highly dominated by large investors that practically made small investors to buy a share. OnPlace, coming from the heart of the crypto world, is here to solve that problem.

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According to Google Trends, there are a lot of interest in private startups and companies from regular investors. However, as I said in the previous paragraph, regular investors have almost no chance to get even a single share. Here is the graph of the interest in startup investment:

Investment strategy of OnPlace

OnPlace will be targeting successful fast growing international startups. OnPlace holder will be able to hold shares of companies like Uber Inc., Xiaomi Inc., GreenWave Systems, Airbnb Inc. as joint investment. So holding a share of OnPlace through OPL tokens will also grant you a joint investment in te companies OnPlace invests. I’ll go further into detail of how OnPlace will decide to invest in my next article.

OnPlace’s investment strategy will be purchase voting shares or stake with the aim at increasing company’s valuation. As soon as the company goes public IPO or a new fundrasing round, OnPlace will take profit.

Below table shows how some major startups rewarded their early angel investors, there about 240–900% profits:

OnPlace and it’s investors

OnPlace investors will be protected by all means possible such as international law, legal support from the nations companies based and such. Investors will be informed about the financial risks and futures before buying into startups.

OnPlace dashboard for investors will provide detailed but simple explanations for regular investors. They will not be stalled by complicated graphics or analysis. Investors will be able to see and observe every possible profit oppurtunities as well as risks involved. OnPlace wants their investors to earn with a single click. Visit now to learn more about the project and get ready to invest.

The ICO starts on 6th of June. On my next article I’ll go into technical details and ICO terms.

There will be 10 million OPL tokens issused. The team decided to sell OPL at a fixed price. 1 OPL will be equal to 0.0018 Ethereum. So the total fundrasing aim is maxed out at 18 000 Ethereum which is equal to roughly 4 million dollars at the time of this article. The current price of Ethereum is 225 dollars.

The company previously raised 1.1 million dollars back in December and January as the first kick off. The crowdsale went through Crowdfunder, you can access the details from here:

The OPL token sale will be through a smart contract based on Ethereum.

If you would like to view their GitHub page, here is the link:

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