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Invest in Hive Project: Blockchain Revolution for Invoice Financing

The most appealing projects lately have been either protocol projects or finance projects. It seems that investors are searching for projects that potentially reach wider and bigger markets. Hive is one of them. To access Hive Project’s website directly, visit There are still a lot of days to invest in Hive, let’s see what Hive Platform offers:

  • Hive gives every issued invoice a fingerprint, allocated to that one and only invoice.
  • With this, companies will be able to create invoices automatically.
  • There will be a public databse of invoices for everyone to see the issuer, owner and payer.
  • These invoices can be traded through the market that will be integrated into Hive Platform.
  • This will help small businesses a lot as they will be able to liquidate invoices they were waiting to get paid.
  • This will also help large businesses as they can invest in invoices with this technology.
  • The public database will provide a lot transparent and rapid auiditing, which will eventually speed up the financing process.

So, Hive Platform will be a blockchain based invoice platform. Not only the invoices will be irreversible and public, they will be able to be traded. Needless to say, a platform like this would have absolutely real life usability, unlike other projects we have been seeing lately.

To give you a demonstration how the system would like, let’s do a step-by-step guide:

  1. Company submits the invoice to the Hive Exchange
  2. The invoice is stamped on the blockchain with non-changeable data such as the owner, date and payer.
  3. Now the invoice is public and anyone can audit either the issuer, owner or the payer. Hive’s automated credit risk will give it’s own auidit score.
  4. Third party can buy the invoice through the exchange with an automated system.
  5. Each offer will display costumer’s historical data, credit asssesments and financial status. All automated by Hive Project.

The team developed the concept and has been testing it then since the beginning of 2017. After the Initial Coin Offering, they play to release their product version 1.0 by the end of the year. The financing of invoices will start with the beginning of 2018. Team has plans to widen their geographical avaliability as they have multiple European countries to launch on their roadmap.




The ICO will last for 6 weeks. Hive Team will offer 500,000,000 (500 Million) Hive Tokens.

The team will be buying back HVN tokens through the exchange based on the amount of revenue generated. This is how the token value will continually rise.

Disclaimer: US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in the Hive Project crowdsale.

To visit the ICO page and invest in one of the most solid projects lately, visit

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