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Published on May 22nd, 2017 | by olcaytu2005

Internet privacy is your basic right. Meet Mysterium.

Welcome to the 21st century, where almost every government tracks your everyday life. It almost feels like Orwell’s classic, 1984. Many thanks to Snowden, we have confirmed many conspiracy theories floating through the internet since the inception of web. Are we being watched? Is our internet activity being monitored? Does someone really violates our basic right, privacy, and walks away with it? Yes. Unfortunetly yes.


What exists in terms of protecting your privacy?

People that use internet more than regularly like us started to look for alternative ways to mask our IP which would eventually protect us from being monitored. The information surfaced that IPS providers were selling our traffic datas mainly to advertisement companies. So our data, our privacy is being sold on the private market and IPS providers are reported to make millions out of these sales. Than came several alternative solutions, like TOR and VPN.

While TOR is generally a useful project, it is almost impossible to browse through internet with it. All you can do is to surf around deep web sites. Plus it doesn’t really mask your IP as there are a lot of things you can do than browsing. For example while you use your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, you are unable to hide your IP. Your traffic is still being recoded.

The reasons above have created a new market on the internet called VPN. According to the researches, VPN market will reach 106 billion dollars by 2022. VPN services simply offer you to mask your IP and your internet connection through their centrlized servers. What people doesn’t understand here that instead of IPS providers, centralized VPN services record your data. In other words, it doesn’t really make a difference to use the internet provided by your IPS directly or from a centralized VPN service. Both record your traffic, they collect them and sell them.


These problems have led a group of people to create an alternative VPN service, with the need of trusting a centralized company. It’s called Mysterium. A team from Switzerland have anaylzed that the interest on blockchain increases everyday, while the need for a trustless VPN increases aswell. So they’ve merged this ideas and created Mysterium: a VPN service where there are no centralized authorities to trust with your data.

Meet the Mysterius Platform

Mysterium Platform will be combining those would like to make money with the internet bandwidth they don’t need and those who need a real trustless VPN service. The platform will have numerous cutting edge security layers where sellers won’t be able to scout what buyers are doing with their internet. Those would like to get VPN service should buy MSYT and pay through the client. Than their internet will completely be masked.


The local exchange medium of the Mysterium Platform will be a token called MYST on the Ethereum blockchain. With other promising projects, MYST team decided to use Ethereum smart contracts as their token’s home. It’s a smart decision as we are all aware of the attention Ethereum got in recent months. Though I can say this from my heart, Mysterium will be one of the main projects that would raise Ethereum’s popularity. Mysterium on the other hand will benefit from Ethereum’s already increasing popularity and technology. It has come to attention that people tend to trust more in the projects if the project is made on Smart Contracts, ie. Ethereum.

You will be able to be part of Mysterium if you are quick enough. On May 30th at 13:00 UTC, MYST token creation event will start. 3 hours before the beginning, Ethereum price will be fixed to a certain CHF price. The softcap of the token creation even is 6 million CHF. When it reaches to that point, where everyone will get 1.2 MYST token for every CHF they’ve invested, it will go for another 24 hours or until it reaches the hardcap, which will be announced later this week. It would probably be around 10 millon CHF and every CHF will get investors 1 MYST.

Useful links

I will be describing the technical details of the Mysterium Platform on my next article. For now, you can visit Mysterium website for more information:

To participate in the demo versoin of the product visit:


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