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Published on June 17th, 2017 | by olcaytu2005

SONM ICO is About to End!

I’ve been talking a lot about SONM recently and my readers should already know by now that SONM crowdfunding campaign has already started. This could be your last chance to buy some undervalued SONM before it becomes transferable and hits a big exchange.

Visit https://ico.sonm.io/ and if you are lucky enough there are still tokens avaliable for you to buy!

What is SONM?

As both internet gurus and blockchain followers, one of the most important aspect we look for when we receive a service is the identity of the service provider. In these days when Internet frauds are increasing rapidly, service providers become more centralized. Because each service a centralized authority provides is bound the that exact authorities decisions. In this case, the web sites, servers and hosting that we are working on are in danger of being lost over the failure or bankruptcy of the central company. SONM, wants to ignore this layer of trust by creating a completely decentralized server and hosting services.

SONM will be a decentralized application. Through this application, users will lease their own computers, in other words, the processor power to the system. On the other hand, SONM applications can still buy domain, server and processor on the internet using SONM tokens. In this decentralized system, the most basic nature of the blockchain, by being peer to peer, users will be able to communicate with each other.

The crowdfunding campaign started with some problems. They website was getting heavily DDoSed and the slack crowd was freaking out. Even though hackers managed to trick some people into sending Ethereum to their address, a lot of people didn’t fall for this phishing. This is a common problem happening with every major ICO now since Gnosis. The crowdsale campaign of major ICOs finish so fast people get greedy and rather think that the team would share an address through slack. SONM team managed the crisis pretty well and got the site back up in minutes.

Hurry Up!

As soon as the site came up the investment started to came very fast. In the first day, more thna %70 of SONM tokens for sale was already sold. As of now, 286.349.298 SNM out of 331.360.000 SNM avaliable SNM has already been sold. If you still couldn’t or for some reason didn’t invest, this could very well be your last chance. The team already announced that they fixed the bug related with BTC and other altcoin investments so I assume the rest of the tokens will be sold out by the end of the weekend.

SONM project managed to raise more than 10 million dollars in the first half hour, which is a pretty remarkable start and shows that the smart money already loved SONM. The team is currently working hard on settling all the matters concerning SNM tokens allocation and helping investors to solve some tricky issues like SNM token adding to their wallets. All the technical problems and bugs which were mostly knit to BTC and altcoins deposit and token amount return fuction.

SONM tokens have already been listed on HitBTC: https://hitbtc.com/exchange/SNM-to-ETH

To keep up with the latest updates visit team’s official twitter account: https://twitter.com/sonmdevelopment

To invest in SONM right now please visit: https://ico.sonm.io/ (REMEMBER, THIS IS THE ONLY REAL ADDRESS FOR INVESTING)

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