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Published on June 15th, 2017 | by olcaytu2005

Global Game Items Trade Platform: SkinCoin

Secondary cosmetic gaming markets are growing everyday. Games like CS:GO and Dota 2 enable players to sell cosmetic stuff like knives and skins earned through opening boxes or achieving certain accomplishments ingame. Recent SkinCoin team, who is already behind the trading platform for game items called SteamTrade announced launch of SkinCoin (SKIN) and their platform. SkinCoin will be a Ethereum based ECR20 token, but we will get to that later. Visit now to get more information!

As almost every generic internet industry moves to blockchain to benefit its wonders such being decentralized and autonomous, it would be a good idea to bring game item market into blockchain. Basically people sell game items like guns, bullets, characters, character clothes etc. to each other. This usually happens through centralized platforms where users have to trust each other or an escrow. The price of the items often values over couple of hundred bucks.

There is also a betting platform developed from skin trading recently where players put their items on bet with each other. However this process is often bothered or hardened by uneasy to use platforms or lousy Steem bots. With finding solutions to item trading, Skin platform will also be able to handle these bets in a completely decentralized manner through their problem. The process will be handled by their AI.

Needless to say, even biggest gaming companies are now choosing the F2P route since the secondary markets capitalization is almost over the game sales. SkinCoin’s initiation not only is a bright idea but also has a bright future. Gamers are now more familiar with cryptocurrencies since the rise of Ethereum (mining with your gaming GPU yo!) and it would not surprise me if SkinCoin platform would attract gamers and traders at the same time.

Crowdsale Details

The SkinCoin crowdfunding campaign will begin on 21st of June, in other words next week. It will last for a month ending on 21st of July. The minimum funding goal is 10 000 Ethereum while the hard cap is set at 100 000 Ethereum. There will be 1 billion SkinCoin that will ever be issued. 600 000 000 of them will be offered through the crowdsale and investors will be able to get 6000 SkinCoin for each Ethereum they have invested.

Developers will get 100 000 000 tokens and the rest of the tokens (300 000 000) will be locked for future funding if its ever necessary. There is a %20 bonus on the first day for early birds. 


Alexey Zakharov / Founder

Alexay has worked for IT companies like Hewlett-Packard while he created 7 different trading platforms for games like CS:GO and Dota 2.

Igor Solomatin / Co-Founder, CEO

He has been involved with gaming projects and was previously a Hewlett-Packard employee. He has generated more than 1 million dollars profit per month on Steem related products.

Alexander KravinLeading architect-developer

He has worked on numerous projects for banks and finance platforms.

Alexey Bazlov / Back-End developer

He has developed and He has been developing game servers for online games since 2008.

Oleg Agaev / Developer

Platform developer of, and

Hasan DelicUX/UI designer

Creator of the,, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Escape Gaming, Luckbox.

As you can see, SkinCoin has a pretty solid team. Everyone on the team are familiar with gaming products as well as cryptocurrencies. They planning to integrate SkinCoin into,, and immediately. On August, players will be able to trade on the SkinCoin market. On September other websites will be able to accept SkinCoin through the API. So all in all, the team wants to make us of their token as soon as possible and having already working products on hand makes it easier.


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