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Get to Know DENT Project

With the explosion in mobile devices and devices that can be used, the amount of data captured and consequently the reported data has grown exponentially over the past few years. As connectivity becomes wider and stronger, the enabling intelligence and experience of such connectivity will give the next wave of innovation in computing for years to come. According to the World Economic Forum, the data is now a different asset class. Data, or companies that are exposed to data and data-based economies, are now an option for investors to gain exposure to this new asset class similar to how they can gain exposure to fixed income or traditional commodities.

According to a recent study of CISCO, mobile data worldwide grew year on year by 63% to 7.2 billion Gigabytes per month in December 2016. According to a study from Parks Associates, mobile operator data revenues reached $ 386 Billion USD in 2015, equivalent to $ 32 billion USD per month. Assuming only 15% unused due to expiration, the user’s way loses a value of $ 4.8 billion USD. In more transparent and connected markets, this value should be a way to encourage mobile data usage.

DENT is the currency and exchange medium of DENT platform. Actual sales, purchases, and donations of mobile data packages are handled by blockchain of Ethereum. The data plan is a smart contract in Ethereum. DENT exchange will encourage smart contracts, which effectively create a blockchain based trading platform system. Since the exchange becomes the de facto standard for mobile data packet trading, it is also the primary method for determining the rate of worldwide data moving speed. Telco and end users will interact in the right way driven by the market to determine the current price. This leads to increased transparency, increased competition, and better utilization.

Meet the DENT Team

Tero Katajainen
Founder & CEO
Is an experienced serial entrepreneur and software architect who founded its predecessor DENT Wireless in 2014 to create trading platform FOREX (foreign exchange trading) with AI components for market behavior analysis.
Mikko Linnamäki

Also Founder of DOVECOT Oy, the company behind the Open Source DOVECOT IMAP Server which has an installation base of over 4 million servers and 72% global IMAP server market share

Andee Vollmer
Is a Mobile expert in a team with 12 years of experience in Mobile Apps, starting with Symbian in 2005 and today on iOS and Android.
Ville Sundell
Smart Contract Specialist
Who has pioneered legal entities based on smart contracts, became the first company to create only using Ethereum’s decentralized blockchain.
Michael Wirth
Director of Payment Systems and GM UK & Ireland
Has 20 years experience in large-scale transaction projects, among them the Director of Products and Services at eNett International, a Travelport company and a leading specialist for payment solutions in the travel industry.
Dr. Rainer Deutschmann
Bringing 20 years of senior telco and tech executive experience in companies such as McKinsey, Deutsche Telekom and Reliance. Recently, as Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Rainer and his leadership team launched Reliance Jio and acquired 100 million subscribers within six months. Jio disrupts the telco landscape to democratize mobile broadband to 1.3 billion people in India.

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