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Event Ticketing Antifraud Solution: Aventus

We started to see ticketing industry enter blockchain ecosystem for some time now. The plasuable feature of blockchain decentralization truely attracts industries where secondary sellers are getting huge commissions. Ticketing industry is one of them. There are a lot of problems with tickets being resold with huge inflated prices as well as black markets.

The Problem

  • Ticket resellers buying event tickets in bulk.
  • Because of this process, public buyers can’t find a chance to buy tickets directly.
  • Ticket resellers are than selling these tickets with highly inflated prices.
  • This inflation only benefits resellers as both event organizers and singer/team doesn’t get profit or comission from this difference.
  • The prices mostly cross over public buyer’s budget.
  • Secondary and black markets have no legal control, thus no tax.

As seen above, current situation in ticket market affects both event organizers and public buyers. Meanwhile, it only benefits ticket resellers. With Aventus protocol, whole ticket selling process will completely be decentralized and will solve many of these problems. To give you an idea of how this process works, you can check how $2,500 worth of tickets have been sold for over $150,000 for Mayweather – McGregor fight. Ticket resellers bought all the tickets before even public could access them. The results were a good example of the problem Aventus will solve.

You can try Aventus Alpha and see how team has put in a hard work:

You should have Metamask installed and set to rinkeby test network. You can earn rinkeby test Ethereum’s through their free faucet.

Aventus Solution

Aventus will be a decentralized protocol where people can buy tickets directly from event organizers and secondary markets. Secondary prices will be limited by even organizers so the inflation will be controlled.  This will assure that people won’t get scammed buy highly inflated secondary market prices. Also, both event organizer and the performer will get commissions from the secondary market sales. Secondary market sellers will be tracked with the help of transparency of blockchain technology. So with these features, everyone will win and fraudulent profits of resellers will be drastically reduce.

Aventus Token Sale

Aventus tokens (AVT) will be used to govern Aventus protocol. Aventus owners will get profits from the fees that the platform generates.

Total token supply of Aventus is 10 million (10,000,000).

Aventus will be selling 6 million AVTs. Team has decided to offer half of this supply to private partners, through a rate of 110 AVT per Ethereum. They have announced that half of this supply is succesfully sold through the private sale already. So we can assume there will be 3 million AVTs avaliable to buy through the contribution period. Since there are a lot of interest, Aventus team decided to take the whitelist route to make sure every investor has a chance to contribute. More details here.

If you whitelisted your address, you’ll be able to contribute 24 hours before the public contribution perioud.

AVT per Ethereum rate will be constant through the contribution period, which is 1 week long.

You will be able to buy 92 AVT with single Ethereum.

Aventus Whitepaper:

Aventus Website:

Aventus Blog:

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