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E-Sport World Combines with Blockchain:

E-Sport industry has seen some exponential growth over the years. There are tournaments that offer millions of dollars to winners. On the other hand blockchain startups have seenn a similar growth. Decentralized effect of blockchain based platforms lures almost every industry to technology. E-Sport, expected to grow to at least 700 million $ capitalization at 2017, suits perfect with blockchain technology. is here to combine the best of the both worlds and aims to create a completely decentralized e-sport platform running on blockhain by their AI.

Basically, E-Sport scene is dominated by companies like ESL, where only a handful of teams are accepted to well-known tournaments. Regular players almost find no chance to prove their skills or even earnings through their gameplay. team, just like Satoshi described in his whitepaper, wants to decentralize the e-sport scene and give oppurtunities to regular gamers. With, every gamer will have a chance to earn profits through their winnings. The need to trust to a third party falls off with, as the outcome of the games and anti-cheat software will be handled by AI.

So how does work?

The medium of platform will be GSS tokens. Gamers who would like to join a match in a certain game like DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offense, Call of Duty etc. will have to send GSS tokens to the smart contract created by AI. The smart contract than matches the players with similar matchmaking value. The team that wins the game will get all the tokens on the match pool. This process is completely handled by AI.

Players will be able to choose their region for better ingame pings.

Players will be able to choose their region for better ingame pings. platform also offers cutting edge technology to prevent players from using hacks. As you might know if you are familiar with the e-sport scene, hacks are one of the biggest problems that most centralized e-sport platforms fail to solve this problem unless the tournament is organized at a convention. Basically they don’t have AI’s set to monitor player’s computer activity. However, with software installed on their PCs, players will be monitored every single second. Any suspicious activity will terminate the match and the tokens will be returned to players. team will be periodically updating the hack database for each game so the platform can keep up with the new form of hacks.

Each player will create a account through the software and they will be assinged a unique Ethereum address tied to their account. With that Ethereum addres players will be able to deposit GSS tokens to their account. They will also be able to withdraw those tokens to sell on the exchanges to claim their profits. This will lure a lot of internet users who are unwilling to give their credit card details to 3rd parties.

An example of a match choosing screen on platform.

The GSS tokens that were assinged to a game will be handled completely decentralized by the smart contract. No one will have any control over player’s tokens. The winner will be automatically detected by the AI itself. The team that lost will have a right to appeal to the outcome. Since there are players almost everywhere in the world, will have support in every continent of the world. ICO Details presale is already on. If you liked what you have seen here, click here to invest now as the presale amount is limited and you can get 850 GSS tokens for a single Ethereum. The crowdfund will commence on 20th of June. There is an early bird bonus for the first hour. Investors will be able to get 750 GSS tokens for a single Ethereum in the first hour. After the first hour investors are going to get 650 GSS tokens which will gradually decrease to 500 GSS tokens at the end of the crowdfunding campaign. The hardcap for is only 6 million dollars, making it a very pleasent investment as this project could easily go over 50 million dollars marketcap.

The crowdsale will be through Ethereum smart contracts so everything will be transparent. Investors must send their Ethereum from a wallet they own private keys to as GSS tokens will be automatically issued by the smart contract. team has announced that %15 of the funding will go to administration, %50 of the funding is allocated to development, %20 of the funding will go to advertisement, %5 will go to legal obligations and the rest %10 will be locked for future expenses.

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