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DENT: Mobile Data Freedom

Latest hit on the blockchain nowadays is Dent. If you are a avid follower of the Ethereum ICO scene, you might already have stumbled upon the Dent project. It has a brand new idea that we haven’t seen on the crypto scene yet. While there are existing projects targeting the mobile and especially mobile application industry, Dent is the first project with a aim to “liberate” mobile data services. Before we go into details of Dent, let’s talk about the importantce of mobile data first.

Our mobile phone usage transformed into smart phones in the last couple of years. It happened so fast that it almost feels like we are using them for years. With the rise of the smart phones, other industries such as mobile applications and data services have developed. Let’s face it, whats the use of a smartphone with an internet. However, telecommunication compaines usually provide awful mobile data services at costly prices. This, on the other hand, doesn’t prevent the inevitable rise of the data usage. According to a study, world-w,de mobile data usage grew by %63 per month. The revenue of this industry was 386 billion USD at 2015. Most important statistics is however, at least %15 of this data haven’t been used and expired. So people paid for services they couldn’t enjoy.

DENT platform will be a marketplace for mobile data packages. The whole sale and purchase will be handled by Ethereum blockchain. DENT tokens will be the medium of the platform. As the DENT exchange increase its users, the prices will go lower while the services drastically increase due to the competetion. DENT platform will demolish the monopolies of mobile data industry. The users will be able to determine the prices with what they would want to give to certain amount of data services. With DENT platform, users will be free of roaming fees, which are the backbone of the mobile data monopolies.

DENT team has already in contact with several large mobile data service providers. The team aims to make 1 DENT token symbolises 1 MB of mobile data usage. The total supply of DENT will be 100 billion tokens. Only %70 will be offered to investors around the world during the crowdsale.

The DENT tokensale will commence on 12th of July and will last for 15 days, ie. two weeks. There will be a fixed price of 400 000 DENT per 1 Ethereum excluding the certain early bird and presale bonuses.

To visit DENT tokensale page click the link below:

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