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Decentralized Edgeless Casino

A project that will revolutionize in online casino industry!

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The Edgeless project offers a completely decentralized and transparent casino environment with an ethereum smart contract base. Approximately $ 50 billion in online casino industry has the authority to cheat against its players. This is the casino gaming spot that is known as house edge. Even though standard casino gambling sites say that they offer a fair game, actually they don’t; they cheat the user with many methods, which users do not realize. At this point, the Edgeless promises to provide a solution by using the blockchain technology for transparency and house edge problems, which are among the main problems of the casino industry. Edgeless, surprisingly, will be 0% House edge. The first ethereum based example slot game that you can play and test now, is on the website.

Why Edgeless?

The comparison of traditional casino and bitcoin casinos with edgeless project


As you can see, compared to the traditional old type casinos, edgeless casino is completely transparent and open source based. People who play casino will trust this casino and they will know that the system cannot cheat.
In Edgeless Casinos in 2017 and 2018 you will be able to play the games listed below in a complete transparency.
% 0 Edge Blackjack
% 0 Edge Video Poker
Dice Game
Sport Betting

Ethereum Blockchain

The Edgeless casino, Ethereum will be built on the blockchain. All important transactions will be arranged with smart contracts and will make players experience a transparent. The casino on Ethereum works in this way. Users will know hash SHA512 seed before they produce their own seeds. For this reason, there is no way to change the results; there is no possibility to cheat for casino. After betting, the player can see our not hashed seed in ethereum blockchain and can verify randomness. Moreover, the customer will have two options to get a random seed; the first one is manually writing before each game, the second option is using the API integration with to automatically generate different customer seeds for each game. Smart contracts will be open to the public for everyone to examine and test the randomness procedure.

Protection of Investors In Crowdsale

The Escrow Guarantee investment process is managed by intelligent contracts based on ethereum. These contracts act as Escrow.
Ethereum smart contracts consist of encoding in transparency that everyone can analyze and its reliability is proven by ethereum.
The 10% Edg token ethereum, which is allocated to the developer team, will be kept locked by contracts for 12 months, so it will be prevented from being marketed.

Crowdsale Process

Crowdsale EDG began on February 28, 2017. It lasts for 3 weeks and ends on March 21. During the crowdsale process the investors will have the opportunity to become a partner of Edgeless Casino as an EDG owner. Every month, all edgeless token owners can participate in the edgeless lounge and get a 40% monthly bonus of the casino. You can join the edgeless project by investing with ethereum.

US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in Edgeless Project crowdsale

You can visit the official website and check it right now.


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