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Published on June 24th, 2017 | by olcaytu2005

Bitquence: New Generation Universal Wallet and Value Management Platform

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Bitquence is the first cryptographic service provider to comply with the requirements of the new economy. With the universal mobile wallet offered by Bitquence, you can hold and transfer all the values. This wallet will have features such as creating dynamic asset baskets and making cold storage.

The main purpose of the Bitquence project is to make the number of wallets up to hundreds for digital entities or cryptocurrencies much easier than it was for entity control by downloading a universal purse. Thanks to this new generation of wallets, buy-sell movements are gathered and the costs will be reduced to unbelievably low levels.

There are three basic technologies used by Bitquence:

    • The wallet and the liquidity layer will be linked to a network of liquidity created by the Bitquence Token, together with a centralized wallet system. On this page, there will be a network that communicates with many major cryptoparas.
    • The other is the actual platform layer of Bitquence. Its aim is to score the cryptopaars, whose numbers are now hundreds or even thousands, with an evaluation system. On this count, the technological benefits and quality of the assets / cryptoparas will appear before others. In addition, the “dynamic money baskets” that Bitquence will provide will enable collective investment or purchasing opportunities.
    • Finally, “Cold Storage” technology, the system will synchronize itself with a secure, discrete part of the internet. So a situation like a system crash is almost never going to happen.

The Bitquence Token (BQX) was identified as a valid entity for the operation of the entire Bitquence platform. Bitquence will be an Ethereum token and those who want to use Bitquence technology will pay a fee via BQX. They will also provide liquidity facilities, ie, ease of operation, in the entity’s share of assets.
The total amount of BQX supply was 1 billion.

ICO Details

The Bitquence (BQX) ICO starts on June 28, 2017! So it will begin in a very, very short time. On July 13, 2017, the ICO will finalize. Until the ICO date, be sure to check out the web sites:

A total of 1 billion BQX will be found.
A minimum collection of 5000 ETHs is targeted. 40,000 ETH as soft cap is specified. As a reason for the 2-year intensive study of the minimum limit, this should be seen as a minimum. There is no doubt that this amount will be invested much higher.

The following coins will be found in Bitquence:
Big Coin in the Market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, NEM
Anonymous Coinler: Monero, Dash, ZCash, ZClassic, PIVX
New ICO Coins: MelonPort, Mysterium, Ethbits, Bitquence, Civic

Road map

June 2017 – Token sales
September 2017 – Dynamic currency baskets
December 2017 – Digital liquidity network
June 2018 – Universal mobile payments
January 2019 – Global services

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