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Published on June 29th, 2017 | by olcaytu2005

BItquence ICO Has Started!

Bitquence ICO has started! Follow this link to join the crowdsale right now!

What is Bitquence?

Remember I talked about Bitquence crowdsale a week ago. The ICO has started very sucesfully, collecting over 1000 Ethereum in its first day. The Bitquence team has developed a multi-year development program to build a large-scale platform to build a powerful new ecosystem to solve existing problems. The core of the version is the Bitquence tokens, which will power the service and enable a new digital streaming network to make it safe, easy, safe and ready to transfer value anywhere in the world!

If there are no thousands, there are hundreds, all the different digital assets have different wallet, and for the user to manage so many wallet is very cumbersome and inconvenient. As a result, Bitquence wants to create a platform that can provide a single platform that interacts with emerging economies. A new generation of digital wallet will be the backbone of the Bitquence asset management and encryption service platform. Bitquence Universal Wallet will allow users to bulk transfer to increase liquidity and reduce costs for users. This infrastructure will allow Bitquence to immediately create a common mobile payment system for users who wish to transfer in any currency, which will break the barriers adopted by the industry. Bitquence platform features, making it the most user-friendly way to buy encrypted money and digital assets on the market.

The Bitquence platform consists of multiple core technology components:

Wallets and Liquidity Layers: Includes a centralized wallet management system that connects to the Bitquence Flow Network created by the Bitquence Token itself. This is programmatically linked through the API to the primary encrypted currency exchange. The liquidity network will be scattered.

Bitquence Platform Layer: This includes a community consensus component, according to technical advantages and quality rating of personal tokens and encrypted currency. Ratings will be allocated according to the ownership of these currencies within the Bitquence platform. This will link to a variety of dynamic asset allocations, such as “tokens” that users can buy and hold in the Bitquence platform.

Join the Bitquence crowdsale at:

Read Bitquence whitepaper at:

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