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Be a Part of the Next Generation Ethereum Dice Game –

One of the most use cases of cryptocurrecies nowadays is gambling. New gambling projects emerge everyday using the decentralized aspect of blockchain. Ethereum, being the hottest thing in crypto world right now, attracts these gambling projects with its ease of use and ECR20 token system. Needless to say, internet gambling industry grows faster than almost anything. So gambling projects based on blockchains have a bright future ahead. Being decentralized removes the trust layer players have to face when they are putting their money at stake. With decentralized gambling projects, there is no need for trust as everything is being handles by the smart contract itself.

The newest gambling project on Ethereum blockchain is iDice, developed by Its powered by DAPP. They already have a working product which can be accessed through the official site by clicking here. The design and usability is the single most important thing on dice websites as it drastically increases the playerbase. The easier a player can access the website and place actual bets, the more players the game will earn. That’s why iDice’s working product looks perfect and ready as its easy to deposit funds and place bets. A non tech guy that owns some Ethereum could easily start playing.

It allows people to place bets using Ethereum. It also allows people to bet on the house by holding iDice tokens. The profit of iDice makes will be distrubuted among the iDice Token holders. The profits will be split proportionaly to token holders. The house edge of iDice will always be in the favor of iDice token holders. Due to the law of large numbers token holders will have guaranteed profits. So iDice basically sells their shares as a gambling company. By holding iDice tokens you will be able to enjoy the website’s profits.

The best part about iDice is it’s being completely decentralized. Buyers and sellers will not have to worry about their funds as no centralized company will have power over them. Lets see what makes iDice different from other popular dice websites:
  • It’s secure. It’s decentralized, every application running for iDice is completely decentralized and running on Ethereum blockchain that is publicly visible by anyone, at any time. Since its decentralized, iDice would never be affected by hacks or DDoS attacks, which would eventually lead to no downtimes at all.
  • iDice will be cross-platform. Most people use smartphones or tablets, which mostly uses Android operating system or iOS. iDice will be avaliable for both. This would also increase the playerbase as much as it could.
  • iDice is provably fair. iDice uses blockchain based Oraclize to pick random numbers generated by The iDice contract uses this random number to give results to bets, completely by itself. Since contract is on the Ethereum blockchain, it can actually played by anywhere.

Crowdfunding Details

iDice token creation event will commence on June 16, 2017 at UTC 0:00 and end on June 30, 2017 at UTC 0:00.

• Only Ether can be contributed and turned into iDice tokens.
• The token sale will last 14 days.
• iDice tokens will be distributed in response to ETH contributions.
• No more iDice tokens will be created after this period.
• Contributions within the first hour will have a creation ratio of 200:1 ETH
• Contributions within the first 7 days will have a creation ratio of 170:1 ETH
• Contributions within the last 7 days will have a creation ratio of 130:1 ETH

I’ll go into more technical details and how/if I think iDice will be succesful on my next article.

Until than, you can visit and roll some Ethereum.

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